Jesus the Priest

During my testimony, I described how Jesus relates to us in three ways. As Prophet, Priest and King. I’d like to discuss the Priest relation. I always got the obvious priestly references. In Hebrews, he’s called our high priest. We know he is not unsympathetic because he was tempted in every way that we were. I know he makes intercession before God the Father for us. Like the Priests of old, Jesus was not only offered up the sacrifice for my sin, but was the sacrifice for my sin. It’s is quite obvious that Jesus relates to me as the Priest. I’ve recently come across some very subtle ways in which Jesus relates to me as Priest.

Have you ever wondered why Jesus waited until he was 30 years old before starting his ministry? I’ve always wondered that. I was reading Numbers last night (I finally made it through Leviticus) and I came across a census. That’s how Numbers gets it’s name…because God wanted to count the people. The warriors were counted, those 20 years old and up. They number above 600,000. Big army, even for today’s standards. The priests are then counted; those Levites who are eligible to serve in the tabernacle. There was a slight difference in who was counted. Only men, aged 30 and above were allowed to serve in the tabernacle. Did you catch that? 30. It hit me. Why did Jesus wait till He was 30 to start His earthly ministry? In a simple and subtle way, He was proclaiming to His Jewish audience that He is the last High Priest. Nothing negates his eligibility. Not even His age. It’s amazing. Even to the most innate details, God is telling His story…no i is left undotted, no t’s are left uncrossed. This, of course, got me thinking. Could there be more?

As I read, there are many more conditions for being a Priest. But, Jesus seems to break a lot of those rules. For instance, priests aren’t allowed to touch dead people (unless its immediate family). Priests aren’t allowed to touch lepers. Priests must marry virgins. They cannot marry divorced women, defiled women or widowed women. The litany of rules continues. Jesus never touched a dead person. When he touched them they came to life. Jesus never touched a leper, for when he touched them, they became well. The Bride of Christ is a spotless bride, cleansed from her whoredom, completely changed into the virgin. Jesus is our Priest. In more ways than we can ever imagine.

I guess this was saying to me that God is so much bigger than I can ever imagine. He fits into no box. He transcends all. He is above all. He is in control of all. And He is good. For that I am grateful. Be encouraged. God’s detail in laying out the life of His Son also finds it’s way into our lives as well. God cares that much about telling his story, that he has not forgotten the details. He knows the ends and He will provide the means…this I know to be true.


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