Loving the Gospel: The Fruit of Meditating on the Law

This poem came out of two things. The routine of my prayers in the morning and a sermon series that my pastor and friend, David Prince, just finished this past week. It was called the “10 Words of Freedom” and was an expository look at the 10 Commandments. I highly recommend it.

The Fruit of Meditating on the Law

In the morning I pray
“O Lord, open my eyes today

That I might see what is beautiful
Your Law that is incorruptible”

Although I am among His redeemed
There still lies within me an ancient fiend

Those fleshly desires that war against my soul
They seek to turn my heart black as coal

O God, I am weak today
I desperately need your Spirit, this is why I pray

O Father, walk with me, protect me
That my flesh and that prowling lion may have no glee

For this is my fate
If,  without You, I leave my gate

Other gods will be before You
Carved images will dominate my view

In vain I will bear your Name
The Sabbath I will defame

Father and mother, I will ignore
Murderous anger from my heart will pour

Adulterous eyes will wander to and from
A thieving work ethic I will not overcome

False witness will be on my tongue
And I will covet until I am undone

O Father, I can not approach You
For I am marked by sin’s tattoo

I need a mediator, One who is pure
Who can approach the thick darkness and make me secure

Praise be to God, who has provided
A mediator has come, in Him we are united

His name is Jesus, Son of man, Son of God
He is Messiah King, the One who bears the rod

For He approached the thick darkness where God was
And took my case, pleaded my cause

He bore the wrath that was reserved for me
He broke the shackles of sin, set me free

This is the end of seeing what is beautiful
The Law of God which is incorruptible

Unrighteousness revealed in our souls
Our helpless lot, beyond our control

And the good news of the Gospel becoming real
Grace and Mercy, an abundant meal

Yes. This is why I meditate on the law as I pray
For I need the Gospel to get through today.

And so do you.




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