My name is Justin Camblin. I am a husband to a beautiful wife. I am the father of two boys and one girl. I am a CPA and also serve as a pastoral assistant at Ashland Ave. Baptist Church in Lexington, KY.

The title of the blog comes from two things. First, the concept that Christians are on a new Exodus journey. In Jesus, we have been freed from the slavery of sin. But we have not been instantly perfected. We didn’t jump from Egypt to Jerusalem. Rather, we find ourselves in the wilderness, somewhere between slavery and the Promised Land. Secondly, did you know that camel’s store no water in their humps. Rather, it’s filled with fat. When food is scarce, the camel will use the fat in their humps to survive.

For the Christian, the thing that nourishes us in our wilderness life, is the Gospel. And this is why the Camel’s Hump exists. To help Christians (mainly myself) cling to the Gospel of Jesus Christ as I journey through wilderness toward the Promised Land.

I also share photos here.

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